Welcome to Furesøkortet
Furesøkortet.dk is your access to cashless payments in Furesø kommune. It is easy to use the card in the municipality.
Get started
You will get your Furesøkort either in your classroom or at the Furesøkortet office. If more than one person in your household needs to access Furesøkortet.dk, each person should have their own card.
To set up your account on furesøkortet.dk, first create your user profile. Then, enter the number found on the front of your Furesøkort. Finally, fund your account using your credit card.
You can use the card for cashless payments at Furesøkortet, and set a daily spending limit, automatic top-ups, and other features.

Simple system

You create your profile on furesøkortet.dk and add funds using your credit card. The card is ready for use at your Furesøkortet. You can always change your information and settings on your profile.


Furesøkort is based on NFC technology (Near Field Communications). Your credit card information is handled confidentially by a PCI certified merchant service - just like when you shop in a secure online shop.

Payment of the future

Furesøkortet is the payment method of the future, which minimizes the use of cash in Furesøkortets. The system is secure from fraud and you have digital access to all of your receipts.

Benefits of Furesøkortet

You get a lot of benefits using the Furesøkort.

  • A secure everyday life with fewer cash and minimal risk of theft.
  • Quick service at the counter in the Furesøkortet.
  • Access to block your card online if the card gets stolen or lost.
  • Access to limit daily spending by setting a maximum spending cap.
  • Access to see all receipts online.
  • Option for SMS notifications when the card is used or needs to be topped up.
Security for citizens

You adjust Furesøkort to your needs, when you create your profile. For example, you can:

  • Define where and which weekdays the card can be used for payment.
  • Set a maximum daily purchase amount to limit your spending.
  • Activate automatic refill to ensure there is always balance on the card.
  • Receive a SMS notification when the card is used or the balance near 0 kr.
  • Withdraw your balance to your bank account without fees.
  • Change your password if you suspect misuse or have forgotten it.